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baby de nakhre

August 27, 2009
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My sister is visiting us from Colorado and together we went to pick Buddu up from daycare. When we got there, she takes one look at her, then looks at me, and keeps doing that. No smile on her face, no hint of recognition. Just plain confusion! Now, we do look alike, but I am buddu’s mother, ain’t I? Should I not be recognized in a crowd of million people?

Later, when we got in the car, my sister sat with buddu in the back. She tried to give her a finger to hold on to, but buddu looked away and didn’t hold on to it. Now we know that when she is sleepy, she likes to hold on to our hand or finger especially when she is in the car seat. And she dozed off.

Only to wake up when we got back home. My sister played with her and buddu seemed to keep looking at me, as if asking me, is it ok to play with her? smile at her? Eventually, in about 15-20 minutes of baby talk and random play toys making weird sounds, courtesy buddu’s pacchi, she warmed up to her.

In marathi, tumcha vay kiti, tumche nakhre kiti. (What attitude for a 8 month old!)


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