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March 10, 2010
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The other day, A and I went to pick up Miss A from daycare. Ms. G, the daycare provider, said that Miss A did something she had never seen before! Apparently, Miss A picked up a book, held the book in front of her face as if she were reading it and was walking around the house with the book in hand!

For anyone who knows A, knows that he was called “Phantom – the ghost who walks”; precisely because all through his academic life he has studied on his feet!

Some things do run in the family!

In another incident, we were unable to find Miss A’s jacket on our way out from daycare. Ms. G said that A was wearing it when they were in the backyard and when they got in, Ms G asked her to put it in her bag. Ms. G thought that A would just leave it on the couch or by the bag. But when we were unable to find it, we thought some other kid may have accidentally worn it home thinking it way theirs. After we left, when Ms. G went to the washroom to clean up, she saw the jacket in the trash can! Apparently, Miss A is asked to throw the stuff she “finds” off the floor into the trash can and she must have used her growing brain to dump her jacket in there too!

Someone is learning to clean up a little too efficiently 🙂


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