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March 12, 2009

Aah… i am new here.. i read a lot of blogs, but haven’t been tagged. I guess I will take it upon myself. 🙂

1. Was your first pregnancy planned?


2. Were you married at that time?

Yes, for over 2 years. It’s kind of frowned upon to do such things without being married.

3. What were your reactions?

I was pleasantly shocked! We were back from a horrifying trip to Greece where A lost his passport and was eagerly awaiting the results of his interview for the post of Assistant Professor. That was the last thing on our mind especially since we were just glad to be back home!

4. Was abortion an option for you?

No, never!

5. How old were you?


6. How did you find out you were pregnant?

The double pink line on the pregnancy test.

7. Who did you tell first?

A, of course! Woke him up at 6:30 am!

8. Due date?

December 28, 2008

9. Did you have morning sickness?

No. Thank God!

10. What did you crave?
Nothing special. For a while I craved idlis which made my mom crazy since she couldn’t come and make some for me.

11. What irritated you the most?
the heartburn which started in the fourth month and only let up 2 weeks before lil A was born.

12. What was your first child’s sex?


13. Did you wish for a child of the opposite sex?

I had always wanted a daughter. But I was not hoping too hard for it since I didn’t want to be biased if I ended up having a son. I didn’t want to welcome him with, “Oh, I wish you were a girl”.

14. How many pounds did you gain during pregnancy?

Around 25-30 lbs.

15. Did you have a baby shower?

Yes, a lovely surprise baby shower thrown by my dear friends from work! I was working remotely from home since A had accepted the job offer he was eagerly awaiting. I was called to my office for a week long trip. My girl friends from work made my surprise baby shower really special!

16. was it a surprise or did you know?
Yes, a big surprise!

17. Did you have any complications during pregnancy?
No, none. I was boringly normal 🙂

18. Where did you give birth?

Normal, IL. Yes, there is a town called Normal and we live in it 🙂

19. How many hours were you in labour?

Almost 12 hours, only 1 hour of hard labour.

20. Who drove you to the hospital?

My husband.

21.Who watched you give birth?

My husband and the nurse. I was on the phone with my mom every hour giving her updates. My in-laws were supposed to arrive the next day. They had already boarded the plane to come to US when my labor started and lil A was here hours before they landed. They went from being parents to grandparents in the air 🙂

22. Was it natural or C-section?


23. Did you take medication to ease the pain?
No, I wanted to go natural. I was really fine until the doctor came and broke my water. 45 minutes after that lil A was here!

24. How much did your child weigh?
5 lbs 14 oz. i.e. 2.6 kgs.

25. When was your child actually born?

Dec 15, 2008 at 8:23 am

26. What was your reaction when the doctor announced the sex of your baby?
The doctor said “no balls, its a girl!” It took me a good 10 seconds to process that! I was very happy after that.

27 What was your first reaction on seeing the baby?
I almost cried. But I was just looking at her face trying to find out who she resembled. She resembles my husband so much that she looked like a strange kid to me. Lots of hair though! 😀

28. Did you cry?

Not for a few hours.

28. What did you name him/ her?

29. How old is your first born today?

Look at the ticker at the top of the page 🙂


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