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Social media effect

March 13, 2013
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Imagine yourself sitting with your spouse, enjoying a lovely dinner and conversation, taking the ambiance in and you feel this immense urge to share what you are doing on Facebook.

I see so many folks posting about their personal moments of fun on the social zone that it wants to make me judge them. Have you no self control? I am sure the fad of social media and the numerous likes and comments you get on a post are addictive. The instant gratification you get from people liking your posts is sure to give you a high. Taking pictures not for remembering the moment but to post it on Facebook is the new norm. 

I don’t deny that I haven’t been guilty of doing, thinking or almost posting at such times. I found myself doing it more ever since I got an iPhone. Soon I realized it was too self-serving and vain and I made a conscious effort to take a step back, think about it one more time before hitting the post button and I see myself slowly weaning myself from the craze of social media acceptance. 

This incessant need to post on the social media, the acceptance that one seems to get from it is just part of the instant gratification world we live in. Sometimes I crave the time when there were no cell phones or social media and we would long to meet people in person and have a lot fun just talking and being together. 

On one side we want to teach our kids patience and enjoying what they do and on the other side we long for the next version of that cool new phone or are checking Facebook on the phone while playing our kids. 

I remind myself of the saying I saw on Facebook few months ago – May your life be really as fabulous as it looks on Facebook! 


who takes the blame?

October 27, 2010
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I get deeply troubled when I see or hear news about mothers killing their infants. Who isn’t?

Rather than simply pinning blame on the mother and calling her a monster, have the media ever stopped to think what caused her to do that? With the ever dwindling sex ratio in our country, the poor state of the girl child, the dowry issues that plague us and the sheer apathy of the authorities incharge, can you blame the mother?

The mother just delivered twins, prematurely, a month ago. She has been in and out of the hospital for her twins’ health. She has had miscarriages in the past and most likely is not in very good health enough to sustain a twin pregnancy. She might be suffering from severe postpartum depression and other psychological issues. Do we know what support system the poor woman had? Did her in-laws pester her for a male child? Resulting in those “miscarriages”? Will we ever know?

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the case of saymum and etapii

June 4, 2010
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Huh? Remember when I mentioned that Anoushka speaks very clearly for her age. I always wanted my child to have some of those child-like pronunciations which I would keep reminding her with all her life. My cousin could not say the syllable “e/i”. So instead of Aunty he would say Auntu. Instead of Aai he would say Aau. My sister used to say Toweyou for towel and to date we sometimes say toweyou when we hand her the towel 🙂

This my dear readers is Anoushka lingo. Saymum is seven and etapii is “up the hill”. Come on, that was intuitive 🙂 She also says I lolu for I Love You, Peeku-I See you for Peekaboo-I See you. Hopefully I will have it on video and would upload it under this post some day.

We have had a good last few weeks with Anoushka enjoying her grand-parents’ company. She knows her Aaji/Ajjo’s name, Ajoba’s name and where they live. Her favorite person after Mommy/Daddy, and Geetha Aunty is Tanvi, my 15 year old cousin! She thinks of her as her peer and will joke around with her as if she is of her own age. They both dote on each other. Its a pity that Tanvi couldn’t stay longer than she did. We miss her a lot, esp. Anoushka. After all, aunts are important in a girl’s life!

We took Anoushka to the beach last weekend and set her down in the sand. The little miss neat freak that she is, refused to put her foot down once she realized that the sand sticks to your feet! She would go – mess mess every time her little feet touched the sand. When we took her to the water, she stood for a while until a small tiny wave washed over her feet. As it receded so did some sand under her feet! That totally freaked her out! She wouldn’t set foot in the water again 😉

She is quite like me in that respect! I would hate to have my feet dirty. My mom tells me that when she would walk me back home from daycare I would make her stop quite a few times to wipe my feet off, esp in the rains, because I hated to have then dirty. I still don’t like the bathroom floor to be wet unless it is running water! I see some interesting times ahead 🙂

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anoushka anecdotes

May 6, 2010

Its been a while since I blogged! We bought a new house, moved and are still unpacking. Thats kind of hard when you are working full-time, have a toddler and nobody to help other than dear husband. But, now thats it is all behind us, we are loving the new place. Anoushka loves the space and is enjoying spring in her backyard.

I did feel sad leaving the old house. Mainly because that was the house Anoushka has so many of her firsts. It was her first home. It will always be captured in our minds and in the gazillion photos we have taken of Anoushka there.

In other news, Anoushka is talking, a lot. She is quite advanced for her age. She says about 50-75 words, She can count 1-10 in english and upto 4 in Marathi! She seems to have taken from her dad because when young kids typically learn to say easy words first, this little girl says watermelon, strawberry, engine driver! Her first complete word was kabootar. She also has very clear speech quite different from what I have heard other kids talk with a baby lisp or kiddie talk. She goes Poonam, Poonam if I don’t respond to Mummy!

The other day we had the sprinkler on in the evening and Anoushka would walk backwards counting 3,4,6,7,8,9,10 or until she felt some water droplets. She screams and then covers her mouth with her hands in traditional “i-won-the-miss-universe-title” style and comes running to us.

She is beginning to get the hang of hot and cold. But its hard to believe her when she says hot, hot to really pleasant bathing water! Or a nice meal of waran-bhaat-tup-limbu that I could devour if only it wasn’t hers! 😀

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contagious is a good word – Kiran Bir Sethi

January 27, 2010
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I was blown away by this revolutionary who seems to have brought back the fun in school education. She is educating India and the world on how you can motivate little minds and be surprised at the change they can become !

kiran bir sethi teaches kids to take charge

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is it good or bad luck?

November 23, 2009
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just read this. Either the couple is extremely lucky to survive 3 terror attacks or they are harbingers of impending doom.

I have two requests for the lovely couple –  

1. announce where you are planning on vacationing next so that others can avoid these places

2. try to stay at home!

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the saga of forwarded emails and moi

October 15, 2009

They seem to annoy me!!! Why?

1. I don’t like large attachments, unless I requested you to send me something. I feel bad for the poor electron running around with such a large load.

2. I am not interested in seeing the video of some trick performed by some tike some place I don’t know. Send me a link, I don’t want to download the damn video! Yes, people send videos in emails!

3. I don’t want to write down my name in some excel file with countless other self-proclaimed geniuses because I could solve a puzzle that contained the password to that excel file.

4. I think it is a waste of my time. Yes, I know I can hit the delete button and trust me I do.

5. So many myths are circulated via these forwards, that I feel obliged to dispel it and I exhaust myself. In marathi, “tondala phes aala bolun”, meaning, I am tired of saying the same thing over and over.

6. It irks me when people use company email to send me forwards. I shudder to think what all is circulated on the company’s network that does not make it to me. No wonder, social networking sites are banned in Asian countries. The line between work and personal stuff is blurred, or probably doesn’t exist.

To sum up, this video says what I want to say 😀

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of controversies and media hype

September 18, 2009
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For all the controversy caused in India by naming the film based on the novel Q&A as Slumdog Millionaire, it shows the hype created by the media and the short term memory of its readers when the Indian media keeps referring to Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed as Slumdog Kids.

Ironic, don’t you think?

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baby de nakhre

August 27, 2009
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My sister is visiting us from Colorado and together we went to pick Buddu up from daycare. When we got there, she takes one look at her, then looks at me, and keeps doing that. No smile on her face, no hint of recognition. Just plain confusion! Now, we do look alike, but I am buddu’s mother, ain’t I? Should I not be recognized in a crowd of million people?

Later, when we got in the car, my sister sat with buddu in the back. She tried to give her a finger to hold on to, but buddu looked away and didn’t hold on to it. Now we know that when she is sleepy, she likes to hold on to our hand or finger especially when she is in the car seat. And she dozed off.

Only to wake up when we got back home. My sister played with her and buddu seemed to keep looking at me, as if asking me, is it ok to play with her? smile at her? Eventually, in about 15-20 minutes of baby talk and random play toys making weird sounds, courtesy buddu’s pacchi, she warmed up to her.

In marathi, tumcha vay kiti, tumche nakhre kiti. (What attitude for a 8 month old!)

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when things hit close to home,

June 24, 2009
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it hurts.

A colleague at work is going through one of the toughest times a parent can ever imagine. It is bad enough when one’s child is sick, but to see a terminally ill child going enduring pain everyday needs strength one cannot begin to imagine. I don’t know Jay personally but I am praying for his family and hoping Matthew’s pain lets up and he doesn’t have to endure as much.

Matthew is a brave child. Forgetting his own pain, he set out to help others in need. Please visit his website and donate for the cause he so truly believes in.


Edited to add: Matthew passed away on July 20th. May his soul rest in peace and May his family have the courage and strength to accept that the Matthew is with God, safe and sound and out of pain.

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