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August 27, 2009
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My sister is visiting us from Colorado and together we went to pick Buddu up from daycare. When we got there, she takes one look at her, then looks at me, and keeps doing that. No smile on her face, no hint of recognition. Just plain confusion! Now, we do look alike, but I am buddu’s mother, ain’t I? Should I not be recognized in a crowd of million people?

Later, when we got in the car, my sister sat with buddu in the back. She tried to give her a finger to hold on to, but buddu looked away and didn’t hold on to it. Now we know that when she is sleepy, she likes to hold on to our hand or finger especially when she is in the car seat. And she dozed off.

Only to wake up when we got back home. My sister played with her and buddu seemed to keep looking at me, as if asking me, is it ok to play with her? smile at her? Eventually, in about 15-20 minutes of baby talk and random play toys making weird sounds, courtesy buddu’s pacchi, she warmed up to her.

In marathi, tumcha vay kiti, tumche nakhre kiti. (What attitude for a 8 month old!)


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Buddu goes to daycare

April 6, 2009
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Today, April 6th.

Isn’t she only 3 and half months? Well, almost 4. Is this necessary?

Buddu will start daycare, part time. I couldn’t sleep last night . I was up until mid-night  looking at her as she slept, unaware of her challenging day ahead. She looked calm and content in the soft light of the night. I just hope she adjusts well, quickly and likes her new friends.

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Visitors and Buddu goes to Chicago

March 26, 2009
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Buddu’s aunt(NS) and her fiance(AD) visited us over the weekend. AD being the first non-dad male the munchkin saw promptly evoked a tear response. She puckered up and turned all red in her face. It took her some time to make her peace with him. All in all, she went back and forth all day with AD with tears and laughter evenly mixed in.


Sunday saw us up bright and early – considering we have a 3 month old at home – and on our way to Chicago The munchkin behaved very well and slept through her journey to and from Chicago We went to the Indian street in Chicago and did the customary round of chaat and Indian junk food consumption. The munchkin soaked it all in and even almost made a few friends.


 KK pensiveWe wanted to get her ears pierced the Indian way – with a thin gold wire. But none of the jewellers in Chicago do it due to the liabilities. Everyone uses a ear-ring gun to get it done. We decided to wait and get it done by the doctor at her 6 month vaccination visit. We will try to get it done sooner so that she doesn’t pull at them.

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Buddu and her bottle escapades

March 20, 2009
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We have been trying to train the munchkin to drink milk from the bottle. We will start her in daycare by mid-April when she has finished 2 rounds of shots. She doesn’t, absolutely doesn’t, like her bottle. My mom tries to distract her by singing to her (trust me, her singing will distract you 😉 ) but she doesn’t like it.

We have tried 3 types of bottles and I am running out of options. Lets hope she develops a liking to atleast one of them.

Edited to add: She finally seems to like Dr. Brown’s bottles. We will wait and watch to see what happens today. Wish us luck!

Edited to add again: Yes, Dr Brown’s bottles worked!! Yippee!! One less thing to worry about at daycare.

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Having a baby …

March 18, 2009
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makes a singer out of all of us!

Its fun to watch my mom, my husband and me attempt to sing hindi film songs while rocking  Buddu to sleep. its the most random song with missing lyrics sung out of tune. I love it!

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buddu’s attempts at communication

March 10, 2009
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Buddu is now almost 3 months old. She seems to change every week! Suddenly one day she started “calling” out to us. AS was standing right in front of her watching TV and she calls out trying to get his attention. She now communicates with us in her own baby talk. I love her voice already! She speaks softly with me and loudly with her dad.

She had her shot yesterday, HiB. She was cranky for some time in the morning but has been sleeping it off mostly.

I started work on Monday and we started introducing her the bottle with my milk. She hasn’t taken to it yet. I feel so bad seeing her cry when she is hungry and is refusing the bottle. Mommy guilt starts to kick in… and I wish I could quit. But I am not the first mother who has worked and I have the luxury of working from home. I plan to make the best of it! KK-on-womens-day

Here is a picture of KK wishing everyone a belated happy women’s day!





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