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the stubborn gene showeth itself

May 29, 2009
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Buddu doesn’t like to be on her back. Period. We keep toys around her, talk to her.  G-aunty and the kids at daycare encourage her. But she doesn’t enjoy it. For the past week, she has been showing her dislike in a unique way. When you put her down, she keeps her arms to her side, bends hers knees and starts to tap her right foot on the floor periodically. This is the beginning of a timer that seems to say “I am waiting, pick me up or else!”  When you try to hold her hand and nudge her to roll over, she counter-acts our actions by her body weight. All she wants to do is sit up and look around.

Well, its time to train her. And the baby books said, you couldn’t spoil an infant! 😉


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Buddu’s sleep routine

May 11, 2009
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Every evening Buddu takes a nice warm tub bath in her little baby bath tub after a good tel-maalish. She soaks in the warm water sometimes almost falling asleep right there. We quickly dry her and dress her up in her night clothes only to get her more excited because now she knows that she will nurse and go to sleep. Acting on her animal instincts, she follows her mom’s scent and starts nursing. After a good 10-12 minutes, her hunger pangs are gone and she is only eating for pleasure. Now is when she starts her good night call outs to the fan, the handicraft display item from Orissa and the AC vents in the ceiling. Depending on how long her conversations with them last, she is ready to go to sleep or energised after her short nursing-napping session.

A little distraction and some funny sounds later she is fast asleep and dreaming away.

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