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Somedays I feel like ….

August 12, 2010
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a memory leak!

Especially when you are trying to lose weight, complete with eating right, exercising regularly and being good. But I do everything and the weight still creeps up!! Its like you count your calories in and out but still gain weight! There has to be a leak somewhere and my process will soon crash! 😉

(P.S: Only the computer geeks will understand this one)


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the home jester

January 22, 2010
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Now that we have a 13 month old, we don’t need to watch TV for entertainment. Miss A is entertainment enough. The other day she was playing with this dell freebie massage thing we got at a job fair eons ago and we saw her trying to pick it up with her mouth. She turns it upside down and gingerly picks it up with her teeth. And mind you she has only 5 of them teeth to assist her. She looks on to us to see how we react! And ofcourse, my husband and I grab the camera and start entertaining her.

Sometimes I wonder if she humors us or behaves such so that we humor her running after her with a camera!

i think she is dreaming

January 18, 2010

I don’t know if infants have dreams but I suspect Anoushka has been dreaming these past few nights. Yesterday night, she woke up crying, arms out-stretched and saying “ball, ball” and almost trying to follow it while I held her in my arms. I felt like someone took her ball away from her and she was upset and following it and calling out to it. My poor baby. For someone whose world is her toys and ofcourse the favourite bhoo-bhoo and ball, it must have broken her heart!

The other night she woke up said – kaboo, mamma and went back to sleep. Wonder what she was dreaming then! 😀

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10 month round-up

October 14, 2009
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playing hopscotch at daycare.

playing hopscotch at daycare.

So my dear buddu turns 10 months tomorrow! Double figures already. I know it is just in months, but hey, its a big thing. Remember the days when I used to count how old she was in weeks. She was born on Monday morning and I went into labor Sunday night. Every Sunday evening, I would relive the moments and Monday morning I would tell her, you are a week older now. But that eventually got cumbersome. We started celebrating her monthly birthdays with some sweet (mostly for the benefit of the parents, since she isn’t allowed outside junk 😉 )


And guess what, she is fake crying already! She will scrunch up her face and show her two little teeth quite like a chimp, gather a few tears in her eyes and will make pleading sounds. She waits for a bit to watch how we react and then continues, amping it up a bit.  The moment you do what she wants, its like magic! She is one nautanki, I tell you!!

She can identify herself, mumma, dadda, her beloved pankha (fan), bhoo-bhoo and ball (baa for her). I think she understands “No!” but is still testing us when we ask her not to do something.

She seems to be developing an interest in TV. She won’t be glued to it but she watches more than she used to before – maybe 2-4 minutes at a stretch. I have tried to read to her, but all the books I have are in English and I don’t know if she understands any of it. I should get some marathi story books when I am in India so that I can read to her.

She wakes up in the morning with a big smile on her face. When we go into the bedroom with a good morning, we get a gummy grin with two tiny teeth showing. She is such a pleasure. Bedtimes are all over the place in terms of how soon she will fall asleep. Somedays she will sleep in 5 minutes and some days make it 50! The fact that she has stopped napping at daycare doesn’t seem to bother her. And we thought she was jr. kumbhakaran! 😀

She also seems a bit more clingy to me than AS. The days I am out in the evenings, she gives AS a hard time. I kind of enjoy the attention I get 🙂 

Shopping with her is not fun as she wants to be carried around rather than sit in the cart. And man, she is not so light anymore!

All in all, my buddu is all fun and play!

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Pati, Patni aur woh

October 2, 2009

I watched the promos for Pati, Patni aur woh and was appalled to say the least. I admit that I succumbed to my curiosity of watching Rakhi Sawant play the part of a mom and see all the drama she is usually so good at coming up with. I missed watching Rakhi ka Swayamwar and caught it in bits and pieces on Youtube.

But, this show is absolutely annoying. For one, the kids are always crying. A crying kid is trying to tell you something. She doesn’t like the surroundings, is hungry, is missing parents or is scared. I suspect that the cast puposely gets the kid riled up and shoot such scenes to incompetency of these celebrity couples. Give them a chance, they will show it themselves. You probably don’t need to do anything! And isn’t this the same Gaurav Chopra Kiran wrote about? Who almost ran over her son and wasn’t initially acknowledging his mistake?

Don’t we have laws against such cruelty? I am seeing some positive response from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the Women and Child Development ministry (WCD). I hope they do something to stop this non-sense. Instead of infants, why can’t they have older, school going children who can speak for themselves? Or teen-agers? I can understand the show if they were trying to prove a point against teenage pregnancy or for planned parenthood. But this is just mean!

Well, if the parents don’t look out for their own children what will this world come to?

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don’t wash your dirty linen in public – write a book about it

July 10, 2009

What is it with politics? Is there a minimum requirement that you check your common sense at the door?

When Sarah Palin was picked as the Republican candidate for VP in Aug 2008, I was happy for a brief moment. Only until the skeletons began coming out of the closet. A pregnant teenaged daughter? Allegations about corruption and misuse of power? Let me ask you this, if you promote abstinence as a means of birth control and your daughter gets pregnant or your son gets a girl pregnant, what would you do? Be glad that they are giving birth to the baby and marrying each other? Won’t you be angry? Isn’t it a slap in your face that they had relations in the first place when you told them not to? Au contraire, they were lauded for keeping the baby, getting married to each other after the baby gets here and being a role model for Americans all over! What *&$%!

From the minute they showed Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston holding hands at the Republican conventions and appearances, I knew this was just to be until the elections. Wait until the elections are done and Levi would be shown the door. How can you not see through the staged appearance of it all?

America had their poster boy/girl for their case against abstinence-as-birth-control. It doesn’t work. How can you trust a bunch of teenagers with raging hormones to control themselves when extra-marital affairs are heard of so commonly amongst the mature adults. Wake up and smell the *%&^!

And now the news is abound with Sarah Palin’s resignation and media speculates why. Levi says its because she wanted to make money off book deals and reality TV offers she has been getting. Others say she is preparing for 2012 to run againsta Obama as the opposition’s pick for President.

Yeah yeah, don’t just wash your linen in public. Make money off it.

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heard at daycare

June 24, 2009
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baby AB (3 yrs) to baby PR (1.5 yrs) about Buddu : Don’t touch baby; she scratches.

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the stubborn gene showeth itself

May 29, 2009
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in buddu.

Buddu doesn’t like to be on her back. Period. We keep toys around her, talk to her.  G-aunty and the kids at daycare encourage her. But she doesn’t enjoy it. For the past week, she has been showing her dislike in a unique way. When you put her down, she keeps her arms to her side, bends hers knees and starts to tap her right foot on the floor periodically. This is the beginning of a timer that seems to say “I am waiting, pick me up or else!”  When you try to hold her hand and nudge her to roll over, she counter-acts our actions by her body weight. All she wants to do is sit up and look around.

Well, its time to train her. And the baby books said, you couldn’t spoil an infant! 😉

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Having a baby …

March 18, 2009
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makes a singer out of all of us!

Its fun to watch my mom, my husband and me attempt to sing hindi film songs while rocking  Buddu to sleep. its the most random song with missing lyrics sung out of tune. I love it!

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