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Shame on you!

July 30, 2009
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What is it with the Indian male? Is it me or do you also think that there are more cases of molestation/rape and violence against women these days? What gives them the right or the “bravado” to molest a woman in broad daylight? I read and saw (only few minutes before I couldn’t watch any further) the recent molestation of a woman in Patna. She was molested in a busy Patna market, paraded half-naked in a cycle rickshaw while the police and bystanders watched and gloated. I will not post the link here and I do not think it is right to propagate the poor woman’s misery

Somebody please answer my questions

1. who was this person taking the video? – this person needs to be tracked and given a 100 lashes on his back for being a mute spectator to such an incident. – oh wait, he didn’t molest the poor woman atleast.

2. what were the police doing? – seriously, why do we have police then? why don’t we let the goonda’s take over? oh wait – this is Bihar. Maybe they were waiting for the goonda’s to get there.

3. why does the news channel show this video? – ah, the responsible news media. they want to show everything they see, be is sexual molestation or live operations of 26/11 terror attack so that the terrorists can get advantage over our commandos.

4. why does it matter that the woman may have been a call girl? – yes, tell me. can a call girl sustain her business without clients? who are these men she is visiting? do they deserve any respect if they are sleeping around with call girls and not being faithful to their wives? damn them. out with their names girl. if they shame you, bring out their names in public.

My mother visited Patna last month for a week and all I could think of was gun brandishing bandits loitering there. Why do I have to think of Bihar and U.P. as lawless states? I don’t want to. Please give me some good news coming from that part of India.


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don’t wash your dirty linen in public – write a book about it

July 10, 2009

What is it with politics? Is there a minimum requirement that you check your common sense at the door?

When Sarah Palin was picked as the Republican candidate for VP in Aug 2008, I was happy for a brief moment. Only until the skeletons began coming out of the closet. A pregnant teenaged daughter? Allegations about corruption and misuse of power? Let me ask you this, if you promote abstinence as a means of birth control and your daughter gets pregnant or your son gets a girl pregnant, what would you do? Be glad that they are giving birth to the baby and marrying each other? Won’t you be angry? Isn’t it a slap in your face that they had relations in the first place when you told them not to? Au contraire, they were lauded for keeping the baby, getting married to each other after the baby gets here and being a role model for Americans all over! What *&$%!

From the minute they showed Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston holding hands at the Republican conventions and appearances, I knew this was just to be until the elections. Wait until the elections are done and Levi would be shown the door. How can you not see through the staged appearance of it all?

America had their poster boy/girl for their case against abstinence-as-birth-control. It doesn’t work. How can you trust a bunch of teenagers with raging hormones to control themselves when extra-marital affairs are heard of so commonly amongst the mature adults. Wake up and smell the *%&^!

And now the news is abound with Sarah Palin’s resignation and media speculates why. Levi says its because she wanted to make money off book deals and reality TV offers she has been getting. Others say she is preparing for 2012 to run againsta Obama as the opposition’s pick for President.

Yeah yeah, don’t just wash your linen in public. Make money off it.

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admiration is a good thing

July 2, 2009
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between daughter and father.


Buddu has taken to her dad like a fish to the water. She adores him! The moment she sees him in the morning she gives him a warm gummy smile and leans forward so that he picks her up. She has lots of excited conversations with him and wants to be carried around all the time.

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