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December 8, 2010
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So now that Lil Miss Anoushka is almost 2 years old and chattering up a storm, here are some wisecracks from her

The other day hubby and I decided to go to the gym and leave Anoushka at childcare while we worked out. However, she would only want to stay there if one of us accompanied her inside and stayed with her. We left her for about 15 minutes while we worked out and I came back to check on her. Sure enough, the girl was crying like she was lost in the Kumbh ka mela and she would never see her parents again.

So I took her and calmed her down. She was quite visibly upset.

The next day, I am taking her to the doctor’s for her Flu shot and she says, Mummy, 4Seasons (our gym) la jaycha, 4Seasons la jaycha. (Mummy, I want to go to 4Seasons). I asked her, why do you want to go to 4Seasons. She answers, cry karayla! (to cry!)


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