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Buddu at the theatre

April 27, 2009
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Buddu seems to like people, she is friendly, and always smiling. We took her to the Marathi mandal play past saturday and expected her to get bored watching non-distinct people acting on stage. On the contrary, the mild light reflecting off the stage was perfect for her to observe everyone without being noticed. She was quite vocal in the 2nd half for she was feed and rested. She kept waking up from her nap when everyone clapped or cheered at the play. All in all, a good fun outing with Buddu in tow.

She always lives up to being the nice kid that she is! (*touchwood*)


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Buddu meets her grandpa

April 25, 2009
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It was friday and we were excited to have Dad come to meet us and see Buddu for the first time. We dressed her up prim and proper and off she went to daycare. Dad was supposed to arrive at noon but he missed his connecting flight to IL. His luggage ironically made it. We asked the lady at the counter if he had boarded the flight and with oft-repeated quotes of “i am not supposed to divulge this information” she told us that he hadn’t. With no clue of when he would arrive, we picked his luggage from the carousel and went home only to return when the next flight was supposed to arrive. He didn’t arrive by that one either and the guy at the counter was less helpful.

Luckily Dad called to inform that he will be coming by the next flight and should be there by 5 pm! Yay! He finally arrived and sat next to Buddu who was strapped in her car seat. Introductions accomplished, Buddu keenly observed the new person in the car. Out came the pouty lips and steady stream of tears. It took her about the time that we needed to get back home from the aiport to bond with her Grandpa.

 Ajjo and Anoushka

After that she has been very happy with him, chatting with him, scratching his face with her tiny nails and trying to pluck out his moustache. All is well in budduland! Her dad said well, “there are men in this world other than me” since all Buddu has been meeting are her aunts and grandma.

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We have a winner! ehhh.. laugh

April 19, 2009
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She laughed, again, this time for a silly set of hangers being banged together. We caught it on video.

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She laughed!

April 13, 2009
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Pensive mood

Yes, my buddu, just under 3 months and 4 weeks.

It was so cute. We were having  a leisurely saturday lunch. I was done and started playing with her. Suddenly she started laughing! She repeated it 4-5 times. And, just as we brought out the camera, she started having hiccups and lost her concentration.

Oh well. she will do this many more times and we will be there to catch it on camera.

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Day 1 at daycare

April 7, 2009
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There was freezing rain as we set out the door, “i will always love you” played on the radio, and the drive was somber. I tried not to think of it too much. She fell asleep in the car. She was asleep as we gently took her from the car and rang the doorbell. Her daycare aunty, G-Aunty, took her from me and said “don’t worry, she’ll be ok”. We quickly updated her with when her last feeding time was and what is in the bag and left.  That was 1 pm.

At 3:30 pm, I couldn’t concentrate on my work and wanted to speak to G. I called up only to heave a sigh of releif when G said that she was playing with the other kids. She was being herself, showing displeasure at not being picked up, but mostly content. She did well! My baby made me very proud. She had her milk, smiled at strangers and played with the kids at daycare. G gave her 8 on 10 🙂

She gave me her mix of smiles and pouty-lips and some tears when I went to pick her up. All in all a good first day. Baby did well and so did her mom! 🙂

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Buddu goes to daycare

April 6, 2009
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Today, April 6th.

Isn’t she only 3 and half months? Well, almost 4. Is this necessary?

Buddu will start daycare, part time. I couldn’t sleep last night . I was up until mid-night  looking at her as she slept, unaware of her challenging day ahead. She looked calm and content in the soft light of the night. I just hope she adjusts well, quickly and likes her new friends.

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Unbuttoning a row

April 3, 2009
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Akshay Kumar has invoked the wrath of the moral police for asking his wife to unbotton his jeans at the LFW. Apparently he was modeling for a new style of Levi jeans called Unbuttoned and it was part of the storyboard. I would request the petitioner, Mr. Anil Nair, to pursue his campaign against immoral behaviour in public but not restrict it to Akshay Kumar. Yes, he probably was out of line in doing what he did. So are thousands of men in India who flash women with their unsightly goods or those who relieve themselves in broad daylight. What are you doing about that?

Be just, be consistent.

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