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Social media effect

March 13, 2013
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Imagine yourself sitting with your spouse, enjoying a lovely dinner and conversation, taking the ambiance in and you feel this immense urge to share what you are doing on Facebook.

I see so many folks posting about their personal moments of fun on the social zone that it wants to make me judge them. Have you no self control? I am sure the fad of social media and the numerous likes and comments you get on a post are addictive. The instant gratification you get from people liking your posts is sure to give you a high. Taking pictures not for remembering the moment but to post it on Facebook is the new norm. 

I don’t deny that I haven’t been guilty of doing, thinking or almost posting at such times. I found myself doing it more ever since I got an iPhone. Soon I realized it was too self-serving and vain and I made a conscious effort to take a step back, think about it one more time before hitting the post button and I see myself slowly weaning myself from the craze of social media acceptance. 

This incessant need to post on the social media, the acceptance that one seems to get from it is just part of the instant gratification world we live in. Sometimes I crave the time when there were no cell phones or social media and we would long to meet people in person and have a lot fun just talking and being together. 

On one side we want to teach our kids patience and enjoying what they do and on the other side we long for the next version of that cool new phone or are checking Facebook on the phone while playing our kids. 

I remind myself of the saying I saw on Facebook few months ago – May your life be really as fabulous as it looks on Facebook! 


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