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June 17, 2010

While mom-dad-and-baby were out for a walk last night,

Anoushka on seeing the low crescent moon, very serious tone: eeehhhhh, moon, motha moon, baap re, motha moon, baap re, police (In English, eeehhhh, moon, BIG moon, oh my God, big moon, police)

Fast forward 20 mins:

Anoushka lying in bed waiting for mommy to come nurse her. She sees mommy change into her pajamas and says :

eeehhh, doodhu, motha doodhu !
(In English, eeeeh, mommy’s milk, BIG mommy’s milk)

Thank God no police were called to set order to my mayhem 😉


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the case of saymum and etapii

June 4, 2010
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Huh? Remember when I mentioned that Anoushka speaks very clearly for her age. I always wanted my child to have some of those child-like pronunciations which I would keep reminding her with all her life. My cousin could not say the syllable “e/i”. So instead of Aunty he would say Auntu. Instead of Aai he would say Aau. My sister used to say Toweyou for towel and to date we sometimes say toweyou when we hand her the towel 🙂

This my dear readers is Anoushka lingo. Saymum is seven and etapii is “up the hill”. Come on, that was intuitive 🙂 She also says I lolu for I Love You, Peeku-I See you for Peekaboo-I See you. Hopefully I will have it on video and would upload it under this post some day.

We have had a good last few weeks with Anoushka enjoying her grand-parents’ company. She knows her Aaji/Ajjo’s name, Ajoba’s name and where they live. Her favorite person after Mommy/Daddy, and Geetha Aunty is Tanvi, my 15 year old cousin! She thinks of her as her peer and will joke around with her as if she is of her own age. They both dote on each other. Its a pity that Tanvi couldn’t stay longer than she did. We miss her a lot, esp. Anoushka. After all, aunts are important in a girl’s life!

We took Anoushka to the beach last weekend and set her down in the sand. The little miss neat freak that she is, refused to put her foot down once she realized that the sand sticks to your feet! She would go – mess mess every time her little feet touched the sand. When we took her to the water, she stood for a while until a small tiny wave washed over her feet. As it receded so did some sand under her feet! That totally freaked her out! She wouldn’t set foot in the water again 😉

She is quite like me in that respect! I would hate to have my feet dirty. My mom tells me that when she would walk me back home from daycare I would make her stop quite a few times to wipe my feet off, esp in the rains, because I hated to have then dirty. I still don’t like the bathroom floor to be wet unless it is running water! I see some interesting times ahead 🙂

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