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baby de nakhre

August 27, 2009
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My sister is visiting us from Colorado and together we went to pick Buddu up from daycare. When we got there, she takes one look at her, then looks at me, and keeps doing that. No smile on her face, no hint of recognition. Just plain confusion! Now, we do look alike, but I am buddu’s mother, ain’t I? Should I not be recognized in a crowd of million people?

Later, when we got in the car, my sister sat with buddu in the back. She tried to give her a finger to hold on to, but buddu looked away and didn’t hold on to it. Now we know that when she is sleepy, she likes to hold on to our hand or finger especially when she is in the car seat. And she dozed off.

Only to wake up when we got back home. My sister played with her and buddu seemed to keep looking at me, as if asking me, is it ok to play with her? smile at her? Eventually, in about 15-20 minutes of baby talk and random play toys making weird sounds, courtesy buddu’s pacchi, she warmed up to her.

In marathi, tumcha vay kiti, tumche nakhre kiti. (What attitude for a 8 month old!)


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Aye dil hain mushkil jeena yahan

August 26, 2009
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is buddu’s favorite song! It never fails to bring a gummy smile to her face.

Aye dil hain mushkil jeena yahan – CID

Other of her favorite songs are

Thoda Hain Thode ki Jaroorat hain – Khatta Meetha

Tumse Milke – Parinda

Timeless pieces aren’t they?

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Good message.

August 21, 2009
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buddu at 8 months

August 17, 2009
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My dear little girl turned 8 months old this past weekend.  She is one inquisitive little creature. Now that she is crawling, she wants to follow mamma around with “mama mamama mamaaamaa” when she is in the kitchen. She loves the metallic spring door stops. It took her 2-3 days to figure out how to go from a sitting postion to crawling position without falling face flat first. She puts her hands on the floor, gingerly moves her butt and legs behind and leaves only a small angle for her to fall face down into crawling position. Once she figures the traditional crawl, she should be able to sit back fairly easily.  She is efficiently pulling herself up to a standing position and likes to stomp around while standing up. She isn’t cruising yet but will get there soon. We also think that she may be teething since she is now biting everything in sight. She is not aggressive but she is persistent.

For the last few weeks she was spitting out food and with it sticky phlegm. She used to be very uncomfortable until she spit up after which she enjoyed all that she ate. Turns out, she hadn’t healed completely from her throat infection from a few weeks ago. The doctor prescribed her medication and she is a lot better. Keeping her food in and being her playful self.

And guess what folks! She made her first painting. She had to be helped but for what its worth she did it! Its up on my fridge now 🙂

I can’t believe time has flown so fast and my baby is almost standing up! Here is a picture of her to make your day and mine (I know I will come back to this page and keep looking at her)

gummy bare

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Religious profiling and the King Khan

August 16, 2009
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So the Indian media now has a new story, the alleged racial profiling of SRK at Newark Airport. Swine flu will take a back seat. They have already created the panic they could. Move over to the next big thing!

While I agree that the US Immigration officials are a strict lot, they are doing their job of screening visitors to their country. I am glad to see them follow the rules and try to keep a tight watch of who enters the country. While the TSA is not being a big help, these guards at Port of Entries are doing what they are employed for. From what I have read, I see that SRK co-operated with the officials and gave them the information he thought would help him identify himself and his purpose here. Being a frequent visitor to US, I am sure they have it in their records. It will be worth seeing if SRK was singled out this particular time because they noticed his last name, Khan, or was there some other reason? I do think there exists a fair amount of racial/religious profiling in US. Traditional perpeterators of terrorism have been Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. They are bound to be weary of Muslims.

I don’t think detaining anyone for questioning is wrong. SRK complied. If he tried to wiggle out by throwing big names like Hillary Clinton, he should know better that such things don’t work here. Bill Clinton was almost impeached in this country!

If we do find that it is infact religious profiling, the US needs to say sorry and not do it again!

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