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From the babe’s mouth

January 12, 2011
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This one will be best understood by those who know Marathi. I will translate it to the best of my abilities.

Scene 1:

Anoushka is running about on the driveway and looks up at the star studded sky and goes, Mummy, the star is halling. (to move is “hal” in marathi.)

Scene 2:

Anoushka is about to settle into the bath tub for her bath and she says, Mummy me sit-te. (Mummy, I am sitting. In marathi, baste is to sit)

Scene 3:

Anoushka calling out to me from the bathroom after she is done playing in the bathtub, Mummy, tu mala comesheel? (Mummy will you come to me?)

Scene 4:

Anoushka is going through a phase where she cries when we see her off at daycare. It usually takes about 5 minutes after we are gone for her to calm down. Geetha aunty usually tells her, Anoushka, don’t cry. or No crying at Geetha Aunty’s house. To that, Anoushka asks Geetha Aunty, me thoda-sa cry karte? (Can I cry a little bit?) and continues until she is done!


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