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who takes the blame? | October 27, 2010

I get deeply troubled when I see or hear news about mothers killing their infants. Who isn’t?

Rather than simply pinning blame on the mother and calling her a monster, have the media ever stopped to think what caused her to do that? With the ever dwindling sex ratio in our country, the poor state of the girl child, the dowry issues that plague us and the sheer apathy of the authorities incharge, can you blame the mother?

The mother just delivered twins, prematurely, a month ago. She has been in and out of the hospital for her twins’ health. She has had miscarriages in the past and most likely is not in very good health enough to sustain a twin pregnancy. She might be suffering from severe postpartum depression and other psychological issues. Do we know what support system the poor woman had? Did her in-laws pester her for a male child? Resulting in those “miscarriages”? Will we ever know?

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