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From the babes mouth | August 12, 2010

Scene 1:

Daddy and Baby in the basement. We were doing some general summer cleaning and airing out the basement.
Daddy:(On the step ladder, clearing some cobwebs)
Baby: (Strapped in her old stroller that was stored in the basement and she absolutely had to sit in it!)

Baby: Careful daddy.
Daddy: (Almost falling over), what did you say Anoushka?
Baby: Careful daddy.

Mommy hugs Baby and lets baby out of the stroller.

Baby walks to Daddy and pulls at his pants trying to get him to step down.
Baby: Careful, Careful Daddy.
Daddy: Stop Anoushka, Daddy will fall over!

Daddy steps down to kiss and hug Mother Earth!

Scene 2: Mommy carrying Anoushka, her purse, and bag of books from the public library and needs to use the restroom.
Mommy enters a stall, hangs bags on the hook.
Mommy: Stand here and don’t look. (Quickly gets job done)
Anoushka: Admiring the stall.

Mommy and Anoushka about to leave the restroom.
Anoushka: Mommy, wash hands.
Mommy: Yes, Yes, I was about to! :O

Wonder, who is the kid here?


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