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buddu at 8 months | August 17, 2009

My dear little girl turned 8 months old this past weekend.  She is one inquisitive little creature. Now that she is crawling, she wants to follow mamma around with “mama mamama mamaaamaa” when she is in the kitchen. She loves the metallic spring door stops. It took her 2-3 days to figure out how to go from a sitting postion to crawling position without falling face flat first. She puts her hands on the floor, gingerly moves her butt and legs behind and leaves only a small angle for her to fall face down into crawling position. Once she figures the traditional crawl, she should be able to sit back fairly easily.  She is efficiently pulling herself up to a standing position and likes to stomp around while standing up. She isn’t cruising yet but will get there soon. We also think that she may be teething since she is now biting everything in sight. She is not aggressive but she is persistent.

For the last few weeks she was spitting out food and with it sticky phlegm. She used to be very uncomfortable until she spit up after which she enjoyed all that she ate. Turns out, she hadn’t healed completely from her throat infection from a few weeks ago. The doctor prescribed her medication and she is a lot better. Keeping her food in and being her playful self.

And guess what folks! She made her first painting. She had to be helped but for what its worth she did it! Its up on my fridge now 🙂

I can’t believe time has flown so fast and my baby is almost standing up! Here is a picture of her to make your day and mine (I know I will come back to this page and keep looking at her)

gummy bare


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