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Religious profiling and the King Khan | August 16, 2009

So the Indian media now has a new story, the alleged racial profiling of SRK at Newark Airport. Swine flu will take a back seat. They have already created the panic they could. Move over to the next big thing!

While I agree that the US Immigration officials are a strict lot, they are doing their job of screening visitors to their country. I am glad to see them follow the rules and try to keep a tight watch of who enters the country. While the TSA is not being a big help, these guards at Port of Entries are doing what they are employed for. From what I have read, I see that SRK co-operated with the officials and gave them the information he thought would help him identify himself and his purpose here. Being a frequent visitor to US, I am sure they have it in their records. It will be worth seeing if SRK was singled out this particular time because they noticed his last name, Khan, or was there some other reason? I do think there exists a fair amount of racial/religious profiling in US. Traditional perpeterators of terrorism have been Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. They are bound to be weary of Muslims.

I don’t think detaining anyone for questioning is wrong. SRK complied. If he tried to wiggle out by throwing big names like Hillary Clinton, he should know better that such things don’t work here. Bill Clinton was almost impeached in this country!

If we do find that it is infact religious profiling, the US needs to say sorry and not do it again!


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