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the 6 month round up | June 19, 2009

Rolling over – check

Sitting with minimal support – check

Haircut – check

Smiling, being a cutie pie, making mom-dad proud – check, check check!

Buddu is a good girl. She eats her soup or fruit juice in the morning. She then has lunch of either wheat-nachni (ragi) porridge with some raisins or rice-dal khichdi with spinach and peas. In the evening she eats half a banana(mashed) or half an apple (steamed) and then has a Yo-Baby! yogurt (She loves the peach and pear flavors.). I will now add more fruits and vegetables to her diet.

Now that she is rolling over and sitting up longer, she enjoys her toys and play time. She is having a swell time at daycare with A and P and likes G-aunty as well.

Here’s a picture of her from daycare in A’s lap.



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