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Buddu meets her grandpa | April 25, 2009

It was friday and we were excited to have Dad come to meet us and see Buddu for the first time. We dressed her up prim and proper and off she went to daycare. Dad was supposed to arrive at noon but he missed his connecting flight to IL. His luggage ironically made it. We asked the lady at the counter if he had boarded the flight and with oft-repeated quotes of “i am not supposed to divulge this information” she told us that he hadn’t. With no clue of when he would arrive, we picked his luggage from the carousel and went home only to return when the next flight was supposed to arrive. He didn’t arrive by that one either and the guy at the counter was less helpful.

Luckily Dad called to inform that he will be coming by the next flight and should be there by 5 pm! Yay! He finally arrived and sat next to Buddu who was strapped in her car seat. Introductions accomplished, Buddu keenly observed the new person in the car. Out came the pouty lips and steady stream of tears. It took her about the time that we needed to get back home from the aiport to bond with her Grandpa.

 Ajjo and Anoushka

After that she has been very happy with him, chatting with him, scratching his face with her tiny nails and trying to pluck out his moustache. All is well in budduland! Her dad said well, “there are men in this world other than me” since all Buddu has been meeting are her aunts and grandma.


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