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Day 1 at daycare | April 7, 2009

There was freezing rain as we set out the door, “i will always love you” played on the radio, and the drive was somber. I tried not to think of it too much. She fell asleep in the car. She was asleep as we gently took her from the car and rang the doorbell. Her daycare aunty, G-Aunty, took her from me and said “don’t worry, she’ll be ok”. We quickly updated her with when her last feeding time was and what is in the bag and left.  That was 1 pm.

At 3:30 pm, I couldn’t concentrate on my work and wanted to speak to G. I called up only to heave a sigh of releif when G said that she was playing with the other kids. She was being herself, showing displeasure at not being picked up, but mostly content. She did well! My baby made me very proud. She had her milk, smiled at strangers and played with the kids at daycare. G gave her 8 on 10 🙂

She gave me her mix of smiles and pouty-lips and some tears when I went to pick her up. All in all a good first day. Baby did well and so did her mom! 🙂


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