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slumdog millionnaire and many more questions | March 30, 2009

Finally watched SM over the weekend! Being an Oscar winner, I expected it to have shades of true blue depression and honesty. It lived up to its reputation. As a film, I don’t think that its too great. There are better movies that could have won the Oscar. The Oscars are always fascinated by war movies for WW-I and WW-II or movies that depict the underbelly of developing countries. Movies like Lagaan, Swaash or Taare Zameen Par are too positive for the Oscars. I have seen far better movies.

Overall, a good film. It is so scary to see what real life is in Mumbai, outside of the cosy lives we lead. I used to accompany my mom to the Shelter Don Bosco when I was young to interact with the street children. They were all so innocent and vulnerable, yet so street smart. It has to take a lot of courage or a really bad life back home to run away and live on the streets. These street children are the window into our society. Our society is only as good as how it treats the under-privileged and needy.

Its hard to identify who the real needy ones are, the beggars who are blind, the ones with crying little kids, or the ones who just pester you too much? How do you try to distribute the wealth? Who are the real beneficiaries? Will it ever stop? Just because it won’t stop, should we not try to fix it?


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