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Visitors and Buddu goes to Chicago | March 26, 2009


Buddu’s aunt(NS) and her fiance(AD) visited us over the weekend. AD being the first non-dad male the munchkin saw promptly evoked a tear response. She puckered up and turned all red in her face. It took her some time to make her peace with him. All in all, she went back and forth all day with AD with tears and laughter evenly mixed in.


Sunday saw us up bright and early – considering we have a 3 month old at home – and on our way to Chicago The munchkin behaved very well and slept through her journey to and from Chicago We went to the Indian street in Chicago and did the customary round of chaat and Indian junk food consumption. The munchkin soaked it all in and even almost made a few friends.


 KK pensiveWe wanted to get her ears pierced the Indian way – with a thin gold wire. But none of the jewellers in Chicago do it due to the liabilities. Everyone uses a ear-ring gun to get it done. We decided to wait and get it done by the doctor at her 6 month vaccination visit. We will try to get it done sooner so that she doesn’t pull at them.


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