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Never shake a baby… | March 13, 2009

Shaken baby syndrome is a term I heard only after I came to the US. In India, we handle babies ever so gently. We hold them close, swaddle them, support their neck. It is unimaginable that one would shake their baby so violently that it could die.

When I read news reports of babies dying when shaken so violently, I get sick to the stomach. Especially after little A had come into our life, I am super sensitive of babies being in trouble. It is hard to imagine how one can express such anger and frustration on a child, barely weeks old, in need of complete attention and constant care. Such behavior stems from improper social bonds between individuals. They are incapable of pure unbridled love for any one.

There were times when little A would not stop crying and everything we did failed to soothe her. I would only hold her closer in my attempt to soothe her. At such times you need help in the house. A parent, a caring and loving spouse, a sibling or even a neighbor. US is too hyped up on its privacy to see how a little social bonding can go a long way.

I hope we can do something to stop this !


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  1. well sweets. its because you have help. can you imagine being all alone? i was and i can tell you i came very close to chucking the brat over the balcony. with the sweeping, swabbing, cooking, changing nappies (wasnt using diapers!) and such. fortunately i didnt and he lives to tell the tale!

    good to see you’re blogging too!

    Comment by the mad momma — March 25, 2009 @ 6:53 pm

    • hey thanks! I just saw this comment on the old blog and moved it here.

      I know that it is frustrating at times with a kid and I myself thought that I had gone mad to have had a child. But why do you think we see it more in US than in India? With the new family structure, there are more and more nuclear families that do not have the luxury of support systems. Yet we manage. Are we more tolerant towards kids than the west?

      Comment by poonamtalkies — August 26, 2009 @ 7:00 pm

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