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buddu’s attempts at communication | March 10, 2009

Buddu is now almost 3 months old. She seems to change every week! Suddenly one day she started “calling” out to us. AS was standing right in front of her watching TV and she calls out trying to get his attention. She now communicates with us in her own baby talk. I love her voice already! She speaks softly with me and loudly with her dad.

She had her shot yesterday, HiB. She was cranky for some time in the morning but has been sleeping it off mostly.

I started work on Monday and we started introducing her the bottle with my milk. She hasn’t taken to it yet. I feel so bad seeing her cry when she is hungry and is refusing the bottle. Mommy guilt starts to kick in… and I wish I could quit. But I am not the first mother who has worked and I have the luxury of working from home. I plan to make the best of it! KK-on-womens-day

Here is a picture of KK wishing everyone a belated happy women’s day!






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