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Social media effect

March 13, 2013
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Imagine yourself sitting with your spouse, enjoying a lovely dinner and conversation, taking the ambiance in and you feel this immense urge to share what you are doing on Facebook.

I see so many folks posting about their personal moments of fun on the social zone that it wants to make me judge them. Have you no self control? I am sure the fad of social media and the numerous likes and comments you get on a post are addictive. The instant gratification you get from people liking your posts is sure to give you a high. Taking pictures not for remembering the moment but to post it on Facebook is the new norm. 

I don’t deny that I haven’t been guilty of doing, thinking or almost posting at such times. I found myself doing it more ever since I got an iPhone. Soon I realized it was too self-serving and vain and I made a conscious effort to take a step back, think about it one more time before hitting the post button and I see myself slowly weaning myself from the craze of social media acceptance. 

This incessant need to post on the social media, the acceptance that one seems to get from it is just part of the instant gratification world we live in. Sometimes I crave the time when there were no cell phones or social media and we would long to meet people in person and have a lot fun just talking and being together. 

On one side we want to teach our kids patience and enjoying what they do and on the other side we long for the next version of that cool new phone or are checking Facebook on the phone while playing our kids. 

I remind myself of the saying I saw on Facebook few months ago – May your life be really as fabulous as it looks on Facebook! 

From the babe’s mouth

January 12, 2011
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This one will be best understood by those who know Marathi. I will translate it to the best of my abilities.

Scene 1:

Anoushka is running about on the driveway and looks up at the star studded sky and goes, Mummy, the star is halling. (to move is “hal” in marathi.)

Scene 2:

Anoushka is about to settle into the bath tub for her bath and she says, Mummy me sit-te. (Mummy, I am sitting. In marathi, baste is to sit)

Scene 3:

Anoushka calling out to me from the bathroom after she is done playing in the bathtub, Mummy, tu mala comesheel? (Mummy will you come to me?)

Scene 4:

Anoushka is going through a phase where she cries when we see her off at daycare. It usually takes about 5 minutes after we are gone for her to calm down. Geetha aunty usually tells her, Anoushka, don’t cry. or No crying at Geetha Aunty’s house. To that, Anoushka asks Geetha Aunty, me thoda-sa cry karte? (Can I cry a little bit?) and continues until she is done!

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from the babe’s mouth

December 8, 2010
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So now that Lil Miss Anoushka is almost 2 years old and chattering up a storm, here are some wisecracks from her

The other day hubby and I decided to go to the gym and leave Anoushka at childcare while we worked out. However, she would only want to stay there if one of us accompanied her inside and stayed with her. We left her for about 15 minutes while we worked out and I came back to check on her. Sure enough, the girl was crying like she was lost in the Kumbh ka mela and she would never see her parents again.

So I took her and calmed her down. She was quite visibly upset.

The next day, I am taking her to the doctor’s for her Flu shot and she says, Mummy, 4Seasons (our gym) la jaycha, 4Seasons la jaycha. (Mummy, I want to go to 4Seasons). I asked her, why do you want to go to 4Seasons. She answers, cry karayla! (to cry!)

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who takes the blame?

October 27, 2010
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I get deeply troubled when I see or hear news about mothers killing their infants. Who isn’t?

Rather than simply pinning blame on the mother and calling her a monster, have the media ever stopped to think what caused her to do that? With the ever dwindling sex ratio in our country, the poor state of the girl child, the dowry issues that plague us and the sheer apathy of the authorities incharge, can you blame the mother?

The mother just delivered twins, prematurely, a month ago. She has been in and out of the hospital for her twins’ health. She has had miscarriages in the past and most likely is not in very good health enough to sustain a twin pregnancy. She might be suffering from severe postpartum depression and other psychological issues. Do we know what support system the poor woman had? Did her in-laws pester her for a male child? Resulting in those “miscarriages”? Will we ever know?

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From the babes mouth

August 12, 2010
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Scene 1:

Daddy and Baby in the basement. We were doing some general summer cleaning and airing out the basement.
Daddy:(On the step ladder, clearing some cobwebs)
Baby: (Strapped in her old stroller that was stored in the basement and she absolutely had to sit in it!)

Baby: Careful daddy.
Daddy: (Almost falling over), what did you say Anoushka?
Baby: Careful daddy.

Mommy hugs Baby and lets baby out of the stroller.

Baby walks to Daddy and pulls at his pants trying to get him to step down.
Baby: Careful, Careful Daddy.
Daddy: Stop Anoushka, Daddy will fall over!

Daddy steps down to kiss and hug Mother Earth!

Scene 2: Mommy carrying Anoushka, her purse, and bag of books from the public library and needs to use the restroom.
Mommy enters a stall, hangs bags on the hook.
Mommy: Stand here and don’t look. (Quickly gets job done)
Anoushka: Admiring the stall.

Mommy and Anoushka about to leave the restroom.
Anoushka: Mommy, wash hands.
Mommy: Yes, Yes, I was about to! :O

Wonder, who is the kid here?

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Somedays I feel like ….

August 12, 2010
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a memory leak!

Especially when you are trying to lose weight, complete with eating right, exercising regularly and being good. But I do everything and the weight still creeps up!! Its like you count your calories in and out but still gain weight! There has to be a leak somewhere and my process will soon crash! 😉

(P.S: Only the computer geeks will understand this one)

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to do or not to do – especially after I do

August 12, 2010

My passport expires early next year and I am in the process of getting it renewed. While I was at it, I thought why not change the name in the passport to my husband’s last name at the same time. I started filling out all the forms and I was surprised how upset I was when I filled that new name out in the application form. Yes, I use that name on my Orkut page/Facebook Page/GTalk display name all the time, but somehow the fact of always writing that name as my official name and signing it that way felt like I was leaving myself and was a new person. In some ways, I am new person – with all the bells and whistles that come with marriage and having a kid. I love my husband, my daughter and felt that we should have a common last name. Unofficially, I do. But officially I don’t. Would it be so bad to keep it that way?

What did you do? Did you change your name post marriage? Is it easier to do it right after when you are in the post-marriage bliss and things happen in a blur anyways? I thought of hyphenating our last names, but then, what would my middle name be? My name, husband’s name, maiden name-husband’s last name seemed kind of odd. And damn it, my last name is anyways 8 letters and adding a hyphen and five more puts it dangerously close to being out of space on most forms!

Maybe I will repeat this exercise some day and have the courage to go through with it. I wonder how women felt when their first names were changed too! I shudder to think!

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the one and half year+ round up

August 6, 2010
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Oh, I have never done any of the yearly/monthly round up. I don’t have a knack to write mushy things without making a fool of myself. Yes, I did write mushy mushy letters to my now husband, then boyfriend. But if I read them now, I might as well dig myself a big pit and hide in it. Anyhow, with a soon to be 2 year old and the jet age, the “terrible twos” have seemed to hit us sooner. Or, just that I have been lucky to have an easy child who is suddenly wanting more control over her life. She does have a belligerent streak in her and she is now bringing on the tear works! Sometimes she tears up so much, that with those large eyes and large puddles of tears, she is unable to see and sometimes tends to forget what she was crying for 😉

She is now quick to call out for “rescuers” in her dad or me, depending on who is refusing her something that she wants or if both of us are discipling her, then its time to call the big guns – the grand parents! How, how do these kids learn such tactics? And how do grand parents, who have been so strict with us when we were kids, say, let it be, give her what she wants, she is just a child! Hypocrisy I tell you!

We took Anou swimming a few times, and she loved it! She keeps wanting to go swimming, we have to find the right place and time for it. I guess sooner rather than later. I am also thinking of some kids music or tumbling/gymnastic classes for her. That should be fun!

In other developments, her new loves are Jungle Book title song and Lakdi ki Kathi from Masoom. She will see the computer or phone and start asking for lakdi dum or mowgli. She can be quite determined at times to watch it! She insists on watching it atleast once before we take her to daycare. We are trying to keep her away from it during meal times since we don’t want her to eat and watch TV at the same time, although we know she might eat better being that distracted!

She also loves to emote – chota tub and motha tub (small and big tub) We have two of her bathing tubs and she loves the chota/motha reference. She loves to find other things that are big and small of the same kind 🙂 pretty cute!

That’s all for now, especially after a long hiatus.

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from the babe’s mouth

June 17, 2010

While mom-dad-and-baby were out for a walk last night,

Anoushka on seeing the low crescent moon, very serious tone: eeehhhhh, moon, motha moon, baap re, motha moon, baap re, police (In English, eeehhhh, moon, BIG moon, oh my God, big moon, police)

Fast forward 20 mins:

Anoushka lying in bed waiting for mommy to come nurse her. She sees mommy change into her pajamas and says :

eeehhh, doodhu, motha doodhu !
(In English, eeeeh, mommy’s milk, BIG mommy’s milk)

Thank God no police were called to set order to my mayhem 😉

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the case of saymum and etapii

June 4, 2010
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Huh? Remember when I mentioned that Anoushka speaks very clearly for her age. I always wanted my child to have some of those child-like pronunciations which I would keep reminding her with all her life. My cousin could not say the syllable “e/i”. So instead of Aunty he would say Auntu. Instead of Aai he would say Aau. My sister used to say Toweyou for towel and to date we sometimes say toweyou when we hand her the towel 🙂

This my dear readers is Anoushka lingo. Saymum is seven and etapii is “up the hill”. Come on, that was intuitive 🙂 She also says I lolu for I Love You, Peeku-I See you for Peekaboo-I See you. Hopefully I will have it on video and would upload it under this post some day.

We have had a good last few weeks with Anoushka enjoying her grand-parents’ company. She knows her Aaji/Ajjo’s name, Ajoba’s name and where they live. Her favorite person after Mommy/Daddy, and Geetha Aunty is Tanvi, my 15 year old cousin! She thinks of her as her peer and will joke around with her as if she is of her own age. They both dote on each other. Its a pity that Tanvi couldn’t stay longer than she did. We miss her a lot, esp. Anoushka. After all, aunts are important in a girl’s life!

We took Anoushka to the beach last weekend and set her down in the sand. The little miss neat freak that she is, refused to put her foot down once she realized that the sand sticks to your feet! She would go – mess mess every time her little feet touched the sand. When we took her to the water, she stood for a while until a small tiny wave washed over her feet. As it receded so did some sand under her feet! That totally freaked her out! She wouldn’t set foot in the water again 😉

She is quite like me in that respect! I would hate to have my feet dirty. My mom tells me that when she would walk me back home from daycare I would make her stop quite a few times to wipe my feet off, esp in the rains, because I hated to have then dirty. I still don’t like the bathroom floor to be wet unless it is running water! I see some interesting times ahead 🙂

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